New to Grace?


the love is real

It does not matter to us who you are or where you've been, when you walk into Grace, we pride ourselves on making sure our love is felt!  We are not perfect, but we work hard at loving genuinely.

Check below for some fAQ's about Grace

1. Do I have to stand when visitors are recognized?

Absolutely not!  We always want to make sure to connect with our visitors, but we'll find you even if you don't stand.

2. Can only members take communion?

Absolutely not!  Our table is open to all disciples who desire to share in the sacrament of communion.

3. What is the book of prayers that is used for a portion of the service?

We use the Book of Common Prayers in our worship service.  It contains scriptures and prayers that are used to guide us as we intercede during our morning prayers.

4. Can my children participate with the Youth Ministry if they are not members?

Absolutely!  We welcome all children who desire to take part in our dynamic and interactive programming for youth.  

5. If I want to join the church, do I have to walk in front of everyone when the doors of the church are open?

Absolutely not!  If you desire to unite with the fellowship at Grace, you can come during the opening of the doors of the church, contact the New Members Ministry or contact the Admin. Coordinator to set an appointment with the pastor.

6. Should I tithe at this church if I am still a member at another church?

Tithing and sacrificial giving is between you and God.  As a general rule, if you are visiting, your tithe should always go to your home church.  However, if you are consistently visiting or not active at your home church, your tithe should go where you are actively attending worship and being nurtured.  

7. I hear people say 'Catholic' in the Apostle's Creed, does that mean this is a Catholic church?

No.  The word 'catholic' means all-embracing and in the creed, it refers to the church universal (all people) and not a specific denomination. 


The Reformed Episcopal Church is one of the oldest denominations in the United States.  The roots of the Reformed Episcopal Church in the South are traced right here in Moncks Corner (Pinopolis), SC as it was established as a response to the Protestant Episcopal Church's refusal to allow newly freed slaves to train as ministers.  Grace is a part of the Diocese of the Southeast of the Reformed Episcopal Church.  Read more about The Diocese of the Southeast REC, the rich history of our beloved Cummins Theological Seminary, or learn more about the national Reformed Episcopal Church by clicking on the links.